Natural Erectile Dysfunction Treatment and Cures

Erectile dysfunction also called impotence is a condition mostly affecting men. It is basically the inability to attain or maintain the penis erect until ejaculation. The frequency of the problem is directly proportional to the increase in age that is, older people are known to have this problem more often than young people. Below are some natural erectile dysfunction treatment and cures.


Garlic, on top of being an efficient antiseptic also boosts immunity. It is known to improve sexual conditions caused by either an accident or a disease. For people who are in constant sexual activities, garlic can be of importance to them as it prevents nervous exhaustion. One has to chew two or three cloves daily. Additionally, consumption of garlic bread made with whole grains ensures production of healthy sperms.


Onion is known to enhance libido. It is also an efficient aphrodisiac. A white onion is crushed and fried in butter. The fried onion is consumed daily with a spoonful of honey. Consumption must be after two or three hours of hunger because its effect is lost on a full stomach. Although the properties of a white onion are not yet known, it is known to cure premature ejaculation and spermatorrhea (unintentional loss of semen while sleeping).


Carrot also cures impotence. To increase the sexual stamina, finely chopped carrots are mixed with half boiled egg and a tablespoonful of honey. The resulting mixture is consumed daily. The dosage is 150 gm once a day for one month.


Lady’s Fingers are known to be an amazing tonic for recuperating sexual strength. 5 to 10 grams powder made from the root of this vegetable, a glass of milk and 2 teaspoons of candy sugar are mixed and consumed daily. Regular consumption of this recipe restores once sexual strength.


Asparagus’ dried roots are an aphrodisiac. They are a remedy for impotence and premature ejaculation. 15 grams of asparagus’ dried roots are boiled with a cup of milk and consumed twice a day. For best results, this recipe must be consumed daily.


Balanced diet is needed for a strong and well functioning body. Also, production of sperms requires proteins.


Erectile dysfunction may be as a result of: Premature ejaculation, lack of sexual vigor or strength, spermatorrhea, nervous exhaustion and certain diseases. Depending on the cause of one’s erectile dysfunction, one of the above remedies may be utilized as the different treatments fit different disorders. Additionally, the remedies being natural have no negative effects on the body.